Practicing and Teaching Aikido at Goleta Aikido with Ki

This web site is a documentary of the unique and innovative Aikido teaching methods of Ken Ota, 3d Dan, of Goleta, California, USA.

Ota Sensei had been teaching Aikido for over 40 years, is the author of the "Mastering Aikido" video series, and is one of the students of
Koichi Tohei.   Ota this year (2008) is 88 years old, and is still teaching in Goleta.   I hope you enjoy this web site, which is dedicated to documenting and preserving Ota Sensei's unusual and outstandingly effective teaching methods for all to see, enjoy, and examine. 

I hope you find the information insightful, informative, and even thought-provoking.   I welcome your comments.  

Click below any of the links or images you wish to see to find out more about Aikido as it is practiced at Ken Ota's Goleta Aikido with Ki, Goleta, California, USA.  You may contact Ken Ota Sensei at USA phone number 1-805-967-3103, in Goleta, California.

John Sing
Student of Ken Ota Sensei

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At Goleta Aikido with Ki, we teach with Advanced Ukemi, Rhythm, and Timing - Aikido Today Magazine article March/April 2000

Chapter 1 - Aikido for Children Teaching Methodology - Importance of Advanced Ukemi;  Fundamental Philosophies for Effective Teaching Aikido to Children - future Aikido Today Magazine article

Chapter 2 - Aikido for Children Teaching Methodology - Dynamic Ma'ai for Aikido for Children, Importance of Backleading - future Aikido Today Magazine article

Chapter 3 - Aikido for Children Teaching Methodology - Fun Drilling and Motivational Ideas for Aikido for Children - future Aikido Today Magazine article

Ken Ota Aikido for Children Teaching Methodology - Complete Article - Chapters 1, 2, 3 - Full Edition with a ton of descriptive JPEGs and Quicktime 4.0 Movies   Hint:  Select this complete edition if you want to have an online table of contents to the entire Aikido for Children article, or wish to print out all the information in one session.